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Maui Travel, and Hawaiian Vacations information: If you've stocked up some vacation days and want to spend them in Hawaii, we're the place to go. You know you're getting the best deals when you travel with us! Much of what is now considered to be authentic hawaiian music is based on hymns that were introduced by missionaries in the l9th century. The ranges, which run from northwest to southeast, are the waianae range on the west and the koolau range on the east. Weather conditions above about 2,500 m (about 8,200 ft) can be quite severe, especially during the winter months. The honolulu symphony performs an annual series of concerts that often features well-known soloists from the mainland.

Motels have increased greatly in number during the last 30 years, and the number of hotels has decreased somewhat. This chain has been forming for many millions of years as vast outpourings of lava issue from a relatively fixed vent or "hot spot" of volcanic activity on the deep ocean floor.

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Country inns and bed-and-breakfasts have also grown in popularity since the 1970s; often located in rural areas, they offer a homey atmosphere and personal service. Although the fruit is picked by hand, machines do much of the planting and processing. Weapons, household utensils, and other implements were fashioned from wood, stone, shell, and bone. Honolulu, by far the largest city in hawaii, lies on a narrow leeward coastal plain at the foot of the koolau range.

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