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Are you about to erupt at the prices of the other companies? Head over this way and we'll make your annoyance dormant with our great prices. You'll see why we're the best! Although large areas of the state's grazing lands are semiarid environments, there are also well-watered pastures on the windward slopes. Along the northeastern coast steep cliffs tower as high as 1,100 m (3,600 ft) above the sea. The honeycreepers are the largest group of native land birds unique to the islands. Maui, the second largest island, is sometimes called the valley isle because it consists of two mountain masses separated by a low, narrow valley-like isthmus.

Above the surface of the ocean the lava and limestone rock has been subjected to erosion, and today the islands of hawaii reflect the intensity and duration of these forces of erosion. These active volcanoes include one on the island of maui, three on the island of hawaii, and a recently discovered submarine volcano, loihi, about 35 km (about 20 mi) southeast of the island of hawaii.

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Hawaii has made a strong effort to diversify its agriculture, which used to depend exclusively on sugarcane and pineapples. On oahu some denuded slopes have been reforested with species of commercially valueless softwoods in order to reduce both erosion and runoff. Technical schools were also established to train skilled employees such as chefs. On the windward, or northeast, side this range forms a series of spectacular cliffs.

In deep water are found the marlin, swordfish, albacore, bonito, skipjack (aku), bigeye tuna, wahoo, yellowfin tuna (ahi), snapper (opakapaka), scad (akule), mackerel (opelu), and cavalla (ulua). The backshore consists of the remaining portion of the beach that is only submerged during unusually high tides and storms. In 1922 most of the island was purchased by the hawaiian pineapple company (now the dole company), which tapped underground reservoirs and valley streams for irrigation water. Crushed stone and cement are the two most important mineral products.

The steepest part of the foreshore is called the beach face. Pineapple is grown mostly on large plantations on oahu, maui, and kauai. It is the fourth smallest state.

Maui Travel

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