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Hawaiian Vacations, and Hawaii Rentals information: Been thinking about going on a vacation? If you wanted to go to Hawaii, now would be a great time! Just choose a link from above and start planning! The largest of the five national parks in hawaii is hawaii volcanoes national park. Among the five endemic species of hawaiian silversword plants, one is a rare and spectacular plant found only near the summit of haleakala on maui, and on high mountains on hawaii. Tourism, sugar and pineapple production, and cattle ranching are important to the economy. The diverse scenery in hawaii also includes mountains rising to more than 4,000 meters (13,000 feet) above sea level; great stretches of barren lava beds; golden beaches rimmed by palm trees; magnificent cliffs and brightly colored canyons; dense rain forests and arid thorny scrublands; and a multi-hued patchwork of field and forest.

As they flow up the mountain slopes, the winds precipitate their moisture as rainfall. Honolulu's first theater was opened in 1847 with performances by local amateurs.

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As a territory, hawaii had a governor appointed by the u. Too dry for cultivation, the island is used for grazing cattle. The inhabited midway islands, in the northwest, are not part of the state but are administered by the u. There is a zone of rain forest where the annual rainfall exceeds 1,500 mm (60 in).

Now the two are of roughly equal value to the farm economy. The still active, and therefore younger, volcanoes of hawaii today are technically those that have erupted since written records have been kept.

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Hawaiian Vacations

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